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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  May 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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thru several bay area businesses. the overnight emergency response, and the damage now left behind. no on kpix 5 news, flames ripped through they area businesses emergency response and the damage now left behind. >> from scattered showers to sierra snow. alive look at high def doppler radar tracking what you can expect as you plan your again. >> winning the vote kerala -- kelly when campaign puts this weekend and the deadline you need to make in order to cast your ballot. 7:00 saturday morning may 21 mark kelly. >> julie watts. let's get started with the forecast and a live look outside. certainly gray skies over the
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bay area scattered showers possible throughout the day today attorney to high death -- high def doppler tracking where it is raining now pit lane to the north of us near ukiah and we have sierra snow showers to the high country notice the doppler loop, snow is heading through colfax and thunderstorms south of reading north of chico earlier this morning and we will likely continue to see snow flurries -- snow flurries drop it a . right now in south bay we are seeing light , scattered showers light rain in hayward and toward fremont and light showers not a total rainout but scattered showers throughout the day and current temperatures on the cool side, low 50s areawide with san jose being the exception and 56 now and futurecast shows scattered showers throughout the day likely peeking widespread around midday topping -- possible a number go, get
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the cbs bay area weather app to check conditions in your area and you the real-time radar search kpix and download the cbs bay area weather app for iphone and android. video just in this morning of a fire tearing through east oakland businesses. it started after 1 am near 73rd, macarthur. firefighters remain on the scene right now working to put it out. 7-8 businesses caught fire including metro pcs store. no injuries have been reported and later this morning fire investigators will start searching for a cause for the blaze. in san jose, death investigation is underway. this comes after a man's body found in a trash can last night nears sunny part, burnet avenue. no other information is being released at this time. police want you to take a close look at this sketch they have released of the suspect
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wanted in connection to a deadly shooting on a bart train. they believe this man shot and killed 19-year-old romero at west oakland station and left the station. it happened in january. bart riders worried this sketch is just too little too late. >> to have this schedule -- sketch before now, it should've been released. >> should have had it available sooner so that they could have a better chance of catching him. >> police did release this grainy surveillance video a couple of months ago taken that shows the suspect before and after the murder. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. fire investigators tried to determine of a homeless encampment was the cause of a four alarm fire pit destroying one only damaging to in fairfield. emergency crew say it again at the grass fire along the trail paralleled to santa barbara way. winds of 25 miles an hour pushed flames into the backyard of homes.
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police had to evacuate 10 homes. >> no one was in the house so we feel blessed. >> it was just -- i was scared. >> neighbors say they were grateful no one was hurt. bay point, 27 people homeless this morning after a different fast-moving fire tore through an apartment building. number eight apartment buildings were destroyed a call was -- according to contra costa fire high wind up playing a part. and the crash of egypt air flight eight 804. egyptian government claims it has located the planes blackbox . the flight recorders were located today close to an area where human remains and debris from the plane were found yesterday in the mediterranean. another development, french investigators say the aircraft the data detected smoke in the cabin before the plane disappeared. something was close to the cockpit near the cockpit that
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should have been either something mechanical that failed, short-circuit or incendiary device of some kind as well. >> those black boxes could hold the answers to the aviation mystery. flight 80 are took off in paris on wednesday and the 66 passengers on board are presumed dead. there's been no credible claims of responsibility for this crash according to us officials. campaign 2016, the race for the white house of runs through california this we can. former president clinton will campaign for his wife hillary making stops in southern california and looking ahead, hillary clinton returning to the golden state tuesday. no word on where she will stop. clintons competitor senator bernie sanders is also kicking off the swing foot -- through california rallying and national city and tomorrow sanders traveling to vista to meet with voters. he made several stops in the bay area earlier this week. tomorrow morning kpix 5 phil matier asks insiders about
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sanders game plan when it comes to california. >> it seems like the focus has shifted from winning the nomination to his chagrin but it's about trying to change the system and change the way the democrats nominate people and the way primary topic is interesting. >> all of that is coming up with phil matier and anne- makovec on kpix news tomorrow morning. firefighters are getting training ahead of the wildfire season which starts in june. in one hour and a half, 101st responders from agencies across san mateo county will begin their training. preparations of us forced service warning of a dangerous is a big san jose, neighborhood meeting asking for your input on measure e which could that the medical marijuana laws. proposals will be on the june ballot among other things measure c lifting zone
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restrictions and reduce penalties for selling marijuana to children to a $100 fine. today's meeting is at the san jose city hall at 9 am. union square, apple is opening its new flagship store. the space is a rectangular prism with 42 feet sliding glass doors. six 6k video screen and instead of the genius bar, customer support will take place in a genius groveland lined with living trees. no word if they are apple trees. hope you will make this location a meeting place rather than a place to troubleshoot and byproducts been doors opening at 10 am. another security scare at the white house with the vice president inside . the action it took to stop a man carrying a gun coming next and alarming new number showing zika cases in the us and bay area are in fact rising . the warning cdc
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is giving this morning and the push to stop the virus from spreading. is alive look outside, gray skies over the bay area and timing out showers coming up in a .. first on the community calendar, check out the seven francisco international beer festival at fort mason and 7 pm funds raised go to a nursery school. ,, ,,
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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gunman who was shot outside white house prompting a bri lockdown is in critical condition. officers patrolled the compx he lockdown which lasted gunman who was shot outside the white house prompting a brief lockdown is now critical condition. officers drove the complex during the lockdown which lasted about 45 minutes. the secret service as an agent shot the man as he raised his pistol at a checkpoint near the white house. he's been identified as jesse oliverio from pennsylvania. source tells cbs news he told police he wanted to die by so- called suicide by cop. >> secret service and police told him to stop repeatedly and he did not stop and they shot him. >> president was not of the
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white house at the time of the shooting but vice president joe biden was inside. mexican government approved the extradition of drug kingping joaqumn el chapo guzman to the us. he -- his lawyers have 29 days to appeal the decision. he's currently being held and water is near the texas border. he faces several federal charges in the us including organized crime and murder and mexico's foreign ministry says the us has guaranteed that guzman would not face the death penalty if he is in fact extradited. new numbers and zika albury, cb says the number of pregnant women with a virus in the us is more than tripled. that brings the count to 157 up from 48 last week that the main reason for the job is more women infected the cdc reports cases of fry -- pregnant women testing positive a but do not show symptoms. statewide there are 10 pregnant women with zika and three cases
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are in the bay area and san francisco, napa and santa clara. right now a gigantic fuel tank is going through the streets of los angeles. 66,000 pound tank used by the nasa space shuttle and it is bound for the california science center. this container is enduring long journeys first boat and now land and eventually it will be displayed with the space shuttle endeavor and two solid rocket boosters and launch configuration. spring storm is turning the sierra into a winter wonderland. it is catching travelers offguard on interstate 80. chp had to briefly close highway 80 due to the flurry of accidents we saw. last night, 13 inches of fresh powder on kingvale alone. our forecast julia is tracking what we can expect, rain? >> rain and more sierra snow.
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let's go ahead and take a look. we will see spell today between 5-7000 feet . maybe at pass level. we could see travel delays. no winter weather advisory but certainly we will see snow flurries in the sierra today and hot -- hi-def doppler is tracking the most of the rain north to eureka. as we look at the sierra notice we have a couple of flurries along the west slope and anticipate that throughout the day. maybe even thunder shower. here in the bay area, light to moderate rainfall south of hayward and north of fremont. a couple of scattered showers around san francisco and this is what to expect throughout the day. shower is spotty in nature, unsettled is how we like to describe it. temperature wide on the low 50s for folks, 56 san jose, 55 concorde. is this the month of may?
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feels like that. we are more white than all four weekends in february colder than two february we get it certainly it feels more like february than the month of may. we have upper-level low that is direct from alaska bringing the court air -- cold air and unsettled weather. futurecast showings spotty showers and peeking midday. and we will see scattered showers from time to time with possibility of a thunder shower as we move into sunday the showers dissipate and could see sprinkles tomorrow morning and makes of sun and clouds by tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures running below average slightly talking upper 60s and the south bay same for much of the east bay around the bay area temperatures in the low to mid 60s and 50s along the coast and low 60s for much of the northern portion of the state where we see the best chance of showers today. unsettled chemical this we can scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms, dry sunday. extended forecast shows dry
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tomorrow and another chance of showers returning monday and tuesday and then we are dry for the letter half of the week temperatures remaining in the low 70s. always nag that's nice to get the snowpack. >> make it. calling hackers and an hour and a half san mateo county hosted second annual hack a font developers designers and students will compete for $5000 grand prize to work to create web, mobile apps aimed at improving county government services. some ideas for projects have been suggested by the county. it is happening at gsp labs and redwood city this morning. all things strange and innovative on display at the maker fair this weekend. it's a chance for inventors and entrepreneurs to show off their creations. here is video. it opens again at 10 am at the san mateo county event center. several stores go out of
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business . what happens to your unused gift cards ? we ask shelley of gift cards .com what you need to know before tossing the card out. good morning, everybody. baseball recap from friday. today, it has to be as bright as yesterday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first new details in an ong
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welcome back it is time now for consumer watch weekend roundup and first new details and an ongoing investigation. months after our report pressure the state to stop pulling millions at risk id theft by putting social security number is on unemployment documents we discover people on disability are now at risk but new federal legislation could put an end to the practice once and for all. >> after a rash of mail theft in the neighborhood when he was horrified to discover the state printing his old social security number on his disability document. >> edd was jeopardizing my identity. >> he recently began collecting benefits and said they was shocked to see the number on state mailings, more than six months after first seeing our investigation into the issue. >> count on you passed a law that prohibits printing the number on any materials mailed . last year one of california's largest agencies committed to changing its ways after we revealed it violating state privacy laws by printing full
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social security numbers on ways of documents sent out in the mail and repeatedly sending sensitive information to the wrong address. >> how did this piece of paper get into an envelope addressed to me. >> agency first told us federal law which supersede state law required that you social security numbers in the administration of benefits. though the social security administration later confirmed there is no federal law requiring or prohibiting the number on mail the document. >> this is an important issue. >> congress market -- woman wants to change that. >> if this bill was introduced before when you first drew attention to the issue we call the office. >> after seeing the reports democrats reached across the aisle after republican dennis ross to reintroduce the safeguarding social security number act that would finally prohibit government agencies and from displaying and mailing. security numbers. >> it's really negligence. >> we discovered the edd is not alone. only eight states say they redact social security numbers on all mail the documents . like california, 17 admit they
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still mail full numbers to both claimants and employers and another 17 states it mail them to employers only. >> the government puts that personal information of millions of americans at risk by sending out so many documents yesterday the congressional committee in charge of social security question the inspector general about his recent report on the over use of social security numbers. but house ways and means says that bipartisan bill backed could put an end to the practice is, quote, not moving right now due to other legislative agendas. a concern for whitney who is now invested in a locking mailbox after win california to wait -- keep its promise ever move the number once and for all. >> at least i'm protected. >> edd says it has removed social security numbers from most unemployment documents but no eta on when they will be removed from disability mailings. the agency is encouraging california claimants to sign up for the new online system which would limit the number of
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sensitive documents he received in the mail. >> and other consumer news, brick-and-mortar stores continue to struggle and more retailers file for bankruptcy. there's a growing concern about what happens to gift cards. joining us today is shelley hunter from gift card .com. it turns out the company files chapter 11, your gift cards become as vulnerable as the company itself . why is that?'s i paid for the gift card shouldn't i get a? >> absolutely. it turns out stores actually have to ask bankruptcy courts to continue accepting the gift cards fit in some cases they are allowed to continue to do business as usual and in other cases, a deadline can be said that says gift cards have to be used to buy a certain time period. >> is that because gift cards are like any other debt so if they don't have to pay the other debt they don't have to fulfill the gift cards? >> gift card holder is an unsecured creditor. and so the bankruptcy courts are try to get as much money as they can for all the other creditors. a gift card is on the list.
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>> many brick-and-mortar stores also have an online presence but that does not necessarily mean the gift cards are still good if you go and try to shop online or at the store. stores like skai moore, radioshack, they don't stop honoring gift cards after declaring bankruptcy. sports authority is the latest victim here. what should we know if we have get -- give cards with them? >> sports authority announced yesterday that june 28 is the deadline for using sports authority gift card. in some cases they are not being accepted at the stores already in liquidation. you need to get out and use the give cards immediately. >> can we do it online? >> you can use them online until the 20th. >> there is a deadline . what other stores should we be mindful of ? >> on my website give cards .com and my blog i have a list of the gift cards and stores currently in chapter 11 including aeropostale, pac sun, hancock fabrics. you need to
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hold on to the gift cards even after the deadline has passed. >> we have sports authority, aeropostale, pac sun, hancock fabric apparent -- american apparel, radio shock -- radioshack we know it was struggling for a while. what do you advise . of we have a gift card assuming it's not for store that decided not to continue, what can i do? >> i advise you use them right away no matter what. i say use them and put them in your wallet next to your debit and credit card. as long as you hold onto the give cards, the higher probability you forget to use it. >> and there are apps to load gift cards onto your phone so you don't have to carry it. >> i suggest taking a picture of the front and back of the card. keep it top of my dx use the gift cards. who knew if a store files chapter 11 that you could not
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use it. thank you for joining us today. it's time for our sports roundup your thank you. good morning. the great thing about today you will forget about yesterday after the baseball highlights. list take it to third and king, cubs teff tabs for the giants. oh, my goodness. jason heyward, look at this. one of the great ones you will see in this ballpark. he had to leave the game for injuring himself. there is the other one, chris bryant took him the distance. he could not get out of the second inning. 5-0. arrieta drove in a run, eight strikeouts in the game. these 8-0 this season. jorge suhler, eighth inning, done.
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so lojack 7-1. cubs won less night 8-1. the giant eight-game win streak is over. >> the a's and the yankees in the fourth inning, here is from ronald torres, torres two rbi triple to put this game away. back in support of the vallejo kids. cc sabathia, eight strikeouts, nice homecoming. yankees won the game final 8-3 . two national stories today, preakness will be running a baltimore and nationally locally san jose sharks in action tonight sap center against the st. louis blues, nhl western conference finals, two more wins. they are in the stanley cup finals. see you later. day one in the book for seven francisco acting police
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chief. -- san francisco acting police chief. >> rainfall outside the studios and san francisco. details on the weekend forecast coming up in a .. -- bit
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. _ _. good morning, i'm mark kelly. and i'm julie watts. let's get started start witr forecast this morning... ana
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live look outside.. taking a live look outside.. welcome back it's about 7:30 saturday morning. good morning i mark kelly. >> i am julie watts . starting with a look at the forecast this morning. live look outside, raindrops on the lens outside our kpix studio. tracking showers this morning on hi-def doppler. most of the rain is well to the north near eureka and we had seen snow flurries as well over the west slope of the sierra. you can see in this time lapse we have seen snow showers as well as thunderstorms between reading and chico. taking you to 1:30 am you see lightning strike spent how about where we are picked you can see showers south of hayward and over the foothills. close look at san francisco shows the cell we saw earlier now heading toward oakland. light rainfall toward oakland at this hour. gregory skies of the bay bridge and temperatures right now in the low to mid 50s areawide so we are off to a cool start this morning and we will continue with cooler temperatures and
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scattered showers throughout the day starting up with a lot of cloud cover, futurecast is painting impressive cells coming to the north may widespread scattered showers around midday and then tapering off a . as we headed to the evening hours and we cannot rule out a been a shower movie drop it a . unsettled and cool today with scattered showers and a couple of mountain snow showers. more on the full forecast and the rest of the we can coming up. video of a fire tearing through several east oakland businesses but it started just after 1 am near 73rd, macarthur park firefighters remained on the scene right now they are trying to put the blaze out. 7-8 businesses -- seven re: mrs. cal fire including metro pcs store. no injuries have been reported later this morning, fire investigators are going to start searching for a cause. seven robbery suspects were arrested in the toddy overnight after police say based tracked them down using the victim's cell phone. police say the thieves broke into a home on adrian drive.
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they brandished a bb gun demanding valuables and a phone. police located the victim's phone using a mobile phone app tracy into an address near by in the area. they found several stolen items and arrested seven suspects between 18-20. developing story, we have new surveillance video of a burglary suspect who ransacked the fremont apartment while being fumigated and died moments later. the family who lived in the apartment say based on the camera because they worried workers would steal from them. instead, they play back the video, they saw a burglar with a cell phone flashlight rummaging through their home. he spent 30 minutes inside but do not make it very far. >> he had labored breathing and he was also sweating and he was not able to communicate really well or at least not clearly. >> the man has been identified as 24-year-old mark angelo. he was found outside the
7:33 am
complex and died at the hospital. details about two oakland police officers who were resigning after sexual misconduct investigation. kpix 5 has confirmed one of the officers is smith, times reporting the other officer is james both men graduated from the same oakland police academy two years ago and be investigation began leicester after police found a suicide note naming several officers who were allegedly having sex with a police dispatcher's daughter. san francisco acting police chief is promising major changes after completing his first day on the job. acting chief chaplain laid out the plans less than 24 hours after taking over. two things he wants to focus on , departments use of force policy and rolling out body cameras. >> so that we have another set of eyes on the officer involved shootings we have been discussing. i think it is going to be a huge thing to help us out. it's not going to solve
7:34 am
everything but it will give us another look at what is happening. >> is a 26 year veteran of sfpd . mayor edley appointed him as acting chief after former chief greg suhr resigned. his resignation came hours after woman was shot and killed by police the bay area. kpix 5 phil matier ask political insiders about mayor edley's decision. >> the situation was handled relatively poorly franca because i think greg suhr wanted to leave. that's a bad show. >> one week ago he has my full support and someone i trust. >> more of that coming up tomorrow morning with phil matier and anne-makovec on kpix 7:30 tomorrow morning. more than one month since israel stenson was hospitalized and declared brain-dead after
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suffering a severe asthma attack. this week the federal court of appeals and san francisco granted israel more time to stay on life support it is an opportunity for his family to work on a plan to keep their son alive. family attorney says she has seen baton to exhibit signs of life. >> in response to my voice, his parents voice and we know these declarations can be wrong. >> spokesman for the hospital kaiser permanente in roseville says the hospital will work with the families to support them until they can find a facility for israel. and the crash of a egyptian air flight 804, the egyptian government claims it has located the planes black boxes. the flight recorders were located yesterday -- excuse me today close to an area where human remains and debris from the plane were found in the mediterranean. brent investigators say be aircraft detective that protecting smokey bear cabin for the plaintiffs. the flight took off impairs wednesday with 66 passengers on board and investigators say there are no survivors.
7:36 am
lax, tsa not taking any chances in the wake of the egyptian aircraft. -- egyptair crash. officials are illuminating or restricting airport employee access and more than 150 doors within passenger terminals. they are also adding more police officers to focus on potential vulnerabilities. >> i think we need to increase the staff size of tsa to meet all the demands of the growing population as well as potential changes that we might see as we learn more about what might have happened to egyptair. >> critics are saying the tsa should have also seen the historically long lines coming and acted before tens of thousands of missed flights. campaign 2016, victory for donald trump, nra is endorsing him for president. trump has consistently argued throughout his campaign that he supports second amendment. >> the only way to save our second amendment is to vote for
7:37 am
a person that you all know named donald trump, okay. i will tell you. i will never let you down. >> trump also accused hillary clinton of wanting to abolish the constitutional right to bear arms. clinton will be in florida today to meet with families of gun violence victims. >> former president clinton will campaign for his wife today and tomorrow here in the golden state. he will make stops in southern california. looking ahead, hillary will return to the golden state on tuesday to meet with voters herself and no word on where she is going to be stopping. clintons competitor senator bernie sanders also kicking off the swing through california, holding a rally and national city. tomorrow sanders travels to vista meeting with voters there. and this comes after he made several stops in the bay area earlier this week. the clock is ticking. californians to register to vote or change their party status ahead of the june
7:38 am
primary. monday, it is your deadline. if you are registered as a democrat, republican, independent you can only vote for candidates of that party. you can register or make party changes online and we posted a link on our this morning is moving time for more than 200 patients and san francisco. >> one hour and a half they will move into the new trauma center called the priscilla chan and mark zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. the facebook ceo and wife donated $75 million to help fund the project and by the new equipment the largest single gift to the hospital since its creation. if you are looking for work, the great mall is now hiring picked total of one positions are now open and a job -- and the job fair will happen to both olympic among those hiring, gap, michael kors, saks fifth avenue. it's from 10 am-at 2:00 this
7:39 am
afternoon. bike to shelf day at valley fair mall what you can get discounts for putting the brakes on driving and pedal and. there will be valet bike parking and giveaways for bike -- kicking off from 10:30 am from downtown san jose to the valley fair mall. >> they may want to grab up bite to eat at the new restaurant they will need a new reservation. it's so popular now -- reservations on sale at craigslist it seller asking $50 for reservation during memorial day weekends. it can be 3-4 hour wait to get in that hot new restaurant. the sierra is getting spring snow this weekend. how much more on the way and problems caused for drivers. golden state warriors fans, a new store where you can stock up on the latest warrior gear. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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hold practice be welcome back now to the court,
7:43 am
the warriors are waking up in oklahoma city this morning where they will hold practice before tomorrow's playoff game against the thunder. each team has won when -- one win in the western conference finals series fixed at current lead golden state in an explosive third quarter. the warriors went on to be okay see 118-91. game 3 starts tomorrow i 5:00. fans can . up new swag before going to their watch parties. in two hours the warriors are opening a new team store at the westfield mall on market street and san francisco. it is going to have all the latest warrior's retail items including hot playoff merchandise. the store opens at 10 am this morning. this afternoon it is getting the report of the playoff series between san jose sharks and st. louis blues. the puck drops at 415 this afternoon at sap center. the sharks are 2-1 and we will look for another win. after beating the blues thursday night, final score 3- 0. looking at the forecast right now.
7:44 am
>> spring storms turning the sierra into a winter wonderland. catching drivers off guard. chb had to close highway 82 deal with a flurry of accidents yesterday, pun intended. left not kingvale had 13 inches of fresh powder. no injuries there that we are aware of get good news. we are going to see snow in the sierra today on the west slope, snow flurries, no winter weather advisory but certainly snow today is possible, snow showers 5-7000 feet in elevation. snow totals possibly 102 inches around pass level. travel delays are possible, being mindful. hi-def doppler you can see the rain to the north near eureka but we are saying a few flurries along the west slope of the sierra. down in the bay area, scattered showers and you have seen this holding steady pretty much the same spot for the best that's better part of the hour, light to moderate rainfall around
7:45 am
hayward and with the foothills as well . my showers and oakland this morning at this hour. temperatures in the low to mid 50s for the most part, areawide, gray , damp feel. while we go? area of low pressure is basically dominating the forecast direct from alaska cold air making us feel like february than me. futurecast showing unsubtle throughout the day and continue with scattered showers likely digging around lunchtime today. and tapering off into the evening hours. as we advance to your sunday, we could still see scattered showers through the morning hours and by sunday afternoon, clouds are dissipating and we see a mix of clouds tomorrow. high temperatures running a tad below average, pretty much areawide today. we will topping out in the upper 60s for the most part in the south bay. similar temperature range for folks in the east bay today around the bay, temperatures in the low to mid 60s, 50s along the coast mid 60s for the north
7:46 am
bay and northern portion of the status and temperatures in the low to mid 60s and you have the best chance of showers throughout the day today. unsubtle, gold as we can with scattered showers and a chance for thunderstorms and yes, snow flurries in the high country. dry sunday. tomorrow dry and chance for showers monday and tuesday and the latter half of the week dry for now. temperatures in the 70s. it has been windy last few days. >> sure has. graduation special meeting for young men who grew up in and out of foster care. showing us how he became the first in a family to graduate from college. >> this month at lewis and clark college outside of the area. >> joseph did something no one and his family has ever done before [ applause ] >> i want to tell what it feels like from lewis and clark college. >> i don't know yet.
7:47 am
i have not figured it out. >> i'm so proud of him.. >> his mom is thinking his foster dad who shot the video. his foster mom was there and his aunt on the right who raised him for eight years. >> i would like to thank brandy, cackling -- kathleen. they named their child after me. >> we met him at their home four years ago where he was a senior at reardon high, attended on a scholarship. he was too small to remember the first time it was put in foster care. his mom develop a drug problem yes i remember police were everywhere and there was my mom . >> joe and his sister were placed with his dad for eight years and then back with their mom and the alamein he projects.
7:48 am
she had two more children. >> she was by herself and i was the only help. it was incredibly to see her drift back into the drug usage. >> leaving him in charge. >> i was, like, this is not -- not my job i love you but i cannot do this. >> at 13 years old, joe walked to san francisco general and told a social worker what was happening. only 103% of foster children graduate from college, joe made it not only because he is part but because he was lucky enough to be placed with supportive foster families. >> i did not think myself as a foster child anymore. i think of myself as this weird person with multiple families. >> his degree is in theater with a strong computer science background. this is joe last summer during a student's rising above internship, teaching kids how to code. he has another high-tech internship this summer, again, showing what is possible. and
7:49 am
with college, that starts with his own family. >> a lot of my family members are, like, hey, someone got it done and they are looking for their children, my moms looking towards my sister, i'm looking to help my siblings get to that next level. it was really powerful for me. >> wendy tokuda, kpix 5 . >> to find how to help students i joe go to cbs sf .com / sra. still ahead, meet our pet of the week, there she is, daisy and find out how to help make her a part of your family. we will tell you where to go to help other dogs in need of a home this weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taste of the day is phenyl. great dishes in this time, it's a taste of spring to me and it
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has that black licorice flavor. with the sweet country -- crunchy texture, with the leaves make sure the leaves are connected because they use them in different recipes. you want to make sure it's meant green and white and fresh leaves. when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away. fennel in the market picks bring in many different ways. tony tantillo eat fresh, stay healthy. this weekend you can adopt a pet to become a part of your family, holding and adopted on today and tomorrow in san francisco and joining us to talk about the event is sherry frank land and of course daisy. >> adorable what kind of dog? >> she is a long-haired chihuahua, 7-8 years old.
7:53 am
she's a delicate flower and not yet be. >> -- and not yappy yet she's a wonderful dog. >> mane of thrones. >> off of game of thrones. >> we call it rescue row san francisco spca family dog rescue, wonder dog rescue will be at the event. and bird rescue as well. >> all different groups, together starting at 10 am. >> it is 11 am-4:00 spca may start earlier than the rest. 10 am-4 pm saturday, sunday, there will be a bake sale and we will have dalbey clothing
7:54 am
sales and paraphernalia that will go to support the senior dog rescue and were offering free adoptions. this is thanks to put numb subaru who is sponsoring -- putnum subaru. >> the goal is to have the dogs adopted. >> if you want more information, head over to the website cbs sf .com with the numbers for you. be right back. ,,,,,,
7:55 am
seven or eight businesses ct fire including a metro p-c st after one a backslapping cedeno at 55, starting with an overnight fire in east oakland, seven or eight businesses caught fire including a metro pcs store starting just after 1 am this morning near 73rd, macarthur. no injuries have been reported. police want you to see this sketch they released of a
7:56 am
suspect wanted in connection to a deadly shooting on a bart train. they believe this man shot and killed 19-year-old romero at the west oakland station in january. race of the white house to california this week and former president bill clinton will campaign for his wife hillary making stops in chula vista and pomona. competitor senator sanders also holding a rally this afternoon in national city. 200 patients transferred from the old trauma center to the new state-of-the-art building at sf general zuckerberg and his wife donating $75 million for the new area at the hospital. and the sharks playing this afternoon 4:15, game 4 of the playoff series against the st. louis blues. sharks to-one. they will look for another win. that is after the beating of the blues on thursday night 3- 0. right now, we have breaking news and antioch. babbling at two alarm fire
7:57 am
at an apartment complex -- battling a two alarm fire. flames shooting through the roof and two people are being treated for smoke inhalation breaking now. we will continue to keep you updated on cbs sf .com. and with a final check of the forecast, bad winds the last few days which contribute to these blazes. >> the trend was have died down so that will not impact the fire pite hopefully . scattered showers possibility of straight thunderstorms but weatherwise it is relatively good for firefighting weather. scattered showers, dry on sunday and more rain monday through tuesday before drying out the latter half of the week it unsettled for the next few days. back to you, julie and watching kpix 5 news this morning, becky backfill midtier tomorrow morning seven, 30. enjoy your saturday. ,,,,,,
7:58 am
thank you phil matier tomorrow morning seven, 30. enjoy your saturday. ,, ,,,,
7:59 am
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